Care Instructions

Your Bradley/George Octagon piece can be washed with soap and warm water then left to air dry. 

It is safe to put in an ultrasonic machine but do not apply silver polish creams or use impregnated polishing clothes as it can alter the brushed finish. 

Avoid heavy lotions or fragrant sprays, and any cleaners that are bleach based as these can damage the metal.


Our products are left untreated (not coated) and will develop a patina over time. They will warm slightly over time depending on your surrounding elements. Sterling silver tarnishes naturally if not worn on a regular basis. Liquid Silver dips are safe to use however, do not leave in the solution for more than 5-10 seconds. Then rinse thoroughly with soap and water, let air dry. 

The brushed finish is applied by hand and will have unique striations throughout. No one piece is alike. This brushed finish wears depending how it is worn. We are happy to professionally clean and refinish (brush) your piece anytime, simply mail it to us. 

Custom pieces should be professionally cleaned and checked annually for durability with our office. This service is free of charge. 

When in doubt please contact us anytime. 

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